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History of Morgan's Foods, Inc.

Morganís Foods began business in 1925 as a food processing operation and entered the restaurant business in 1958 with the opening of a restaurant in Butler, Pennsylvania, becoming one of the first franchises for Kentucky Fried Chicken. The food processing operation was later sold, making Morganís entirely a restaurant company. Morganís has operated in excess of 20 KFC franchises for more than 25 years. Currently the Company operates 57 KFC restaurants, four Taco Bell restaurants, nine KFC/Taco Bell "2n1's" and three Taco Bell/Pizza Hut Express ď2n1ísĒ. The Companyís fiscal year is a 52 - 53 week year ending on the Sunday nearest the last day of February. Morganís Foods home office is located in suburban Cleveland, Ohio and its restaurants are located in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Missouri, Illinois and New York.